This page is a temporary placeholder while I figure out something else to put here.

How To Contact Me:

If this is about an Android app I developed, please use the address listed
on Google Play. I probably won't respond, but I will receive your message.

If this is related to teaching or anything else I do at Berkeley (including
software I have developed for the course I teach), please use my Berkeley
address (it's on the course website).

If you have questions about my GitHub projects (excluding Android apps) or
if you are a tech company looking to hire me, please email "jathak" at the
base domain of this address (not including the subdomain). Anyone that sends
a request for Android app support to this address will be blocked.

If you know me personally, you should probably just send me a Facebook message.

If I have ever given you my Gmail address, it is fine to email me there.

All other inquiries should be written on a paper airplane and thrown to the
wind. If it's important, I'll receive it.